Faculty & Staff Comments

RVS is a great place to work because each student is viewed as an individual.  The ability and willingness of the teachers to differentiate their instruction to reach all students is phenomenal.  Every staff member is a caring, professional and that is why I love working at this school!

 –        Johanna Gilbert

 RVS is a desirable place filled with the needed educational resources.  RVS has supportive educators to promote every student’s learning potential.

 –        Mrs. Murray

 The teachers at RVS work very hard to provide the best possible education for each and every child.

 –        Suzanne Wilson

 The teachers at RVS love and work hard to give students the best education possible.

 –        Cassie Sanders

 At RVS we have a great cohesiveness between faculty members.  We are family here.

–        Deanne Kirkland

 RVS has a very positive atmosphere among faculty.  When you walk through the door, it makes for a pleasant day. 

 –        Michelle Hamilton

 The faculty works extremely well together.  All faculty members respect each other personally and professionally.  Teamwork is of prime importance.

 –        Dennis Hicks

 RVS reflects a faculty that works well together solving problems and creating solutions.  Our teachers are skilled, caring, and supportive.  Teachers work tremendously hard to meet the needs and foster the potential of each and every child. 

 –         Carrie Mobley

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