Community Service Opportunity

This is a day for Rural  Vale students, K-8th graders, to reach  out and  help others in their family or community.  Students  have  the  opportunity to complete a service project for someone in need.  On Monday, Dec. 19th, students with parental permission do not have to attend school and  it DOES NOT  count  as an absence. It is an extended  learning project for students to  complete outside of  school.   Parents  need  to sign the paper below  stating their child will complete a service project  on Monday,   Dec. 19, 2016.
Suggested types of activities:

-complete yard work
-fix something for a family member
-clean off sidewalks or front porches for family members
-help a neighbor complete a task
-visit a nursing home or donate toys to police department
-volunteer at your church
-send thinking of you cards to elderly
-help parents or grandparents around your home

Please return a signed permission slip by Friday December 16, 2016 if you would like for your child to participate.